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When Axel awoke, it was already morning. The sun was already up but the chilled morning air still lingered. He looked around, fully awake because of the nightmare. He noticed Haseo was missing. Pryo sat on the other side of the pit that had once housed the fire the previous night. Lina was still asleep, her head resting on Pyro's lap. Axel smiled, noticing how they looked like two loving sisters. Pyro, who had been looking down at Lina, turned her gaze to him. "So you're finally awake. You know, you're a pretty loud sleeper. You woke her when you started screaming in your sleep. She just went back to sleep not too long ago." "Sorry about that," he said, looking down filling guilty and a little embarrassed. Pyro shrugged. "Eh, I was already awake so it didn't bother me," she told him. She looked down again. "She was really worried about you. She really seems to care for you a lot." Axel was surprised by this. "How can you tell?" he asked her. Pyro looked up and smiled. "A girl knows these things, trust me." Axel gave her a questioning look. "But we just met. If anything, I'd say she's more attach to you than me." Pyro sighed. "You really don't understand girls. Remember what I said: there's no quicker way to a girl's heart than by saving her life." Axel didn't say anything. They sat there in silence for a while. It was Pyro who broke the silence. "So, who is Sara?" she asked. Hearing her name sent a jolt through him. Pyro noticed him tense up. "Sorry. It's private, I understand. It's just you were screaming her name in your sleep." Axel sighed. "No, it's okay." He paused for a moment before continuing. "Sara was someone very important to me," he said looking down. Pyro stared at him. "You loved her," she said. Axel looked up at the sky. "Yeah, I loved her. She was my best friend and the first person I truly fell in love with," he told her. "What happened," Pyro asked. It was a while before he answered. "She was taken away by the demons. I ran into the demon that took her when I was wondering around. It was during the battle that I regained my memory of her. I defeated him but I have no clue of what happened to her." Axel paused for a moment than spoke. "So what about you and Haseo, what's your story?" he asked.

Pyro sighed. "Well since you shared your story, I guess it's only fair that I tell you mine." She paused. "My story began while I was wondering around after the war started. I was separated from my older sister during the initial chaos. When things died down, I started to look for her." She told him how she was captured by demons. She told him about how the angels raided their camp. How her sister had found her, and how they separated again. "She gave me these chakrams before she sent me away. They are the only thing I have left to remember her by." She stared at the chakrams in her hands. "I know how you feel," Axel said as he held up his pendant, "This is the only thing of Sara's I have left, but I don't think it's a normal pendant, at least not anymore." Pyro was going to ask about the pendant but decide not to. "So" Axel asked, "what's Haseo's story?" "That's a question you should ask me yourself." They turned to see Haseo walking to the campsite.

Haseo was carrying a bag full of supplies when he got to the campsite. He sat it down next to him and turned to Pyro. "The demons where here not too long ago. We missed them by a few days at the most. It we keep moving all day we can close the gap between us and them." Pyro nodded and woke Lina. "Time to wake up, it's morning" Lina sat up, looking around half asleep. When she saw Axel, she jolted awake, ran, and hugged him. "Are you okay? You were screaming in your sleep," she said pulling back from her hug to look at him. Axel looked at her then at Pyro, who smiled with the satisfaction that she had been right. He turned back to Lina. "Yeah, I'm okay. Just a bad dream that's all. Nothing to worry about." "Really?" Lina asked. "Yes. It's nothing to worry about," he answered. Lina's face lit up with joy, then she ran to Pyro. "You hear that, he's okay" Haseo stood up. "I'd say is something to worry about. Next time you start screaming in the night, something might hear you." Axel stood up now. "What's the hell is your problem?" he questioned. "You want to know?" Haseo asked, "Hell, that's my problem. Those demon bastards have turned our world into hell. They have killed millions of people. Almost everyone I cared about is dead because of them. And you. I don't trust you. No human can have reiatsu that is the exact same as a demon's. And on top of that, you have another reiatsu that is the complete opposite of the black one. I don't know what you are but I won't take the risk of you hurting one of the last things on this Earth that I care about." Axel clenched his fist. "You aren't the only one to suffer because of this war. Unlike you, I HAVE lost everything I care about. I don't remember anything of my old life and the one thing I do remember is gone forever. So you can take your bull shit and shut the fuck up," he said his anger clear in his words. Haseo didn't even flinch. "Yeah well I do remember unlike you, so you have no reason to complain," Haseo said mocking him. Axel's rage boiled over. He clinched his fist even harder and before he could stop himself, he punched Haseo in the face, knocking him to the ground. Haseo picked himself up. "Oh, you just made a big mistake," he said as he grabbed his scythe. "Bring it," Axel replied drawing his swords.

"Stop it you two. This isn't helping anyone," Pyro said as she ran in between them. "Stay out of this Pyro," Haseo told her, "I'm taking this bastard down." "For once I agree with him. Sorry but there's no way I backing down from him," Axel said. Pyro looked into their eyes. She saw the rage inside them but underneath that rage she saw something else. Both Axel and Haseo had the same sadness, the same feeling of loss. "Fine," she said as she backed away. Lina looked at Pyro confused. "Shouldn't we stop them?" "No," Pyro said, "They need to do this." "But why?" Lina asked even more confused than before. "I can't explain it but they have to, that I know. You'll understand one day," Pyro told her as she turned to Axel and Haseo again.  Lina still didn't understand but she trusted Pyro, so she didn't push the issue. "Now let's get to a safe distance," Pyro said leading Lina away.

Axel and Haseo stood facing each other, their weapons ready. "Now to finish what I started," Haseo said. "This time I'm not holding back." "Good, that way you won't die too fast because I won't be hold back either," Axel told him. They stood there for a moment and then they dashed at each other. They went back and forth attacking, blocking and countering each other. Haseo slashed at Axel, but he deflected the blow. Haseo was sent back, his guard broken. Axel attacked, slashing him on his side. Haseo staggered back holding his wound. "Ready to give up?" Axel asked him. "You wish, this wound is nothing. Now I'll end this," Haseo said enraged. He grabbed the shaft of the scythe with both hands. A black aura cloaked Haseo. Reed glyphs appeared on his face below his eyes. His eyes began showing ferocity that resembled wolf's when in combat. His k-nines grew into fangs and his nails grew into claws that could tear any  living thing to shreds, making him look even more like a wolf. Axel stood watching this transformation. The force of Haseo's power nearly blew him away. Haseo roared and dashed at Axel, moving so fast that Axel lost sight of him instantly. Haseo appeared behind Axel and kicked him. Axel went soaring. Haseo appeared in front and punched  him in the gut. Axel coughed up blood, stumbled back, and fell to his knees in pain. Axel tried to stand but Haseo kicked him in the face, sending him flying. Axel hit a tree ten yards away. "It's over for you," Haseo told him. "I'll destroy you and end here you demon." "I told you….. I'm not a demon," Axel said spitting out blood, "And I won't die here." "Why so you can look for Sara? Even if she's real, she would be dead by now. Killed by your kind," Haseo said smugly. "Now I end this." His scythe radiated until it was cloaked in his aura. "Shadow Wolf Strike," Haseo said swinging his scythe, releasing a wave of black reiatsu. The wave took the shape of a wolf's head, its jaws open showing its fangs. It hit axel and exploded. "It's over," Haseo said turning around and walking away.

Haseo took a few steps before he stopped. He turned around in disbelief. As the smoke cleared, he saw Axel holding off the attack with one his swords. "How the hell?" Haseo said shocked. "Those monsters took every from me. Don't compare me to them. Don't ever call me a demon again!" Axel yelled. His reiatsu surged wildly from his body creating a large aura of black and white reiatsu that surrounded him. He lifted his other sword and brought it down, cutting the wolf head in half. It dispersed, making a powerful shock wave. Axel yelled in pure rage. The reiatsu surrounding him began to condense, taking shape on different areas of his body. On his back, two sets of wings formed: the left set, made from the white reiatsu, looked like a twin angel wing and the right, made from the black reiatsu, had the appearance of a twin wing of a devil. On his head, two horns where taking shape from the black reiatsu and a halo made of the white reiatsu appeared over his head. A black forked-tail with two haloes around it formed, already moving with his rage. His eyes where the last to change. His right eye turned red and the pupil morphed into a slit, turning black. The left eye turned a light blue and the pupil lost all color becoming white. When the transformation was complete, he looked half angel and half devil.

Axel stood where he was, staring at Haseo. The auras that surrounded him still flowed chaotically with his rage. Axel roared, spreading his newly formed wings to their full length. Reiatsu poured out from Axel in all directions. Pyro, as far away as she was, had to hold on to Lina to keep her from being blown away. Haseo managed to stay standing but was being blown back himself. "What the hell are you?" Haseo questioned. Axel flapped his wings and disappeared. He reappeared behind Haseo, swinging his sword at his neck. Haseo managed to block the attack at the last second but was sent flying back. Haseo regained his balance, still sliding back. When he looked up, Axel was still standing where was. Haseo dashed at him, swinging his scythe in a large side-ways arch. Axel held up one sword, blocking Haseo's attack. Axel twisted his wrist, locking both blades in place. Axel drew back his fist, reiatsu engulfing it as he did. He punched Haseo in the gut, sending him flying. He rolled on the ground for a while. When he stood up, he spit out some blood. "No more playing around." His scythe flared up with his reiatsu. "Slashing Darkness Barrage!" Haseo swung his scythe rapidly, releasing a wave of energy with each swing. Axel dodged them. Haseo grunted. "Try this. Dark Arc Slash." He swung his scythe in a wide vertical arch, releasing a large wave of energy. Axel swung his sword, cutting the wave in two. Haseo clinched his teeth in frustration. He jumped in the air. He spent his scythe in a circle. A large circle of energy appeared in front of him. He stuck the blade of the scythe into it. The circle grew into a large sphere that resembled a dark moon. "Howling Moon Blast!" He swung his scythe, throwing the ball of energy. It hit Axel, engulfing him before exploding.

Haseo landed, breathing heavily from his exertion. Out of the cloud of smoke, a wave of white energy flew at Haseo. It hit him, cutting deep into his shoulder. Blood sprayed out from the wound. Haseo fell to knees from the pain holding his bloody shoulder. When the smoke cleared, he saw Axel standing. Axel's shirt had been completely destroyed and his pants were in rags. He was covered in wounds, many of which were bleeding heavily. However, Axel didn't seem to be affected at all. He walked over to Haseo, who was completely exhausted and immobilized from fatigue. Axel lifted his sword, staring at Haseo with cold eyes. He brought the sword down. Haseo closed his eyes and waited for the strike to hit him. "No!" someone screamed, causing Axel to halt his attack and look at the owner of the voice. "No, don't do it!" Lina screamed again as she ripped from Pyro grip. Pyro tried to stop her but Lina ran out of her reach and in a few moments was crashing into Axel, hugging him. Pyro ran up and kneeled next to Haseo. She had been immobilized by fear but had snapped out of it when Lina had broken away from her. "Please don't do it. This isn't you. Just go back to your usual self." Lina said crying. Axel stood there, his blade still raised. "Please," she pleaded looking up at him. Axel looked into her eyes. They were filled with tears. Axel's arm dropped to his side. His wings, horns, and tail burst into energy and faded away. His eyes returned to normal. He hugged her back. "It's okay. I'm back," he said. Pyro had helped Haseo stand. He was leaning on her, still to hurt to stand on his own. "You two done with this fight?" Pyro asked both of them. They looked at each other for a moment then nodded. "Good, now let's get you two…" Axel didn't hear what she said. His senses went numb. His vision and hearing went out, world around him turned silent and black. Axel lost consciousness and collapsed.
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